Where are your donations and funds going for 2018?

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           All of our fund raising and seeking for donations will be paying for the above equipment for 2018.  Please remember this, the equipment that we buy is bought is for a direct reason.  

1. 2018 Pierce Pumper with a high flow pump system that allows a stream of 500' distance and pressure up to 5400 gal. per minute.  This truck will be used to fight major wild land fires and helping to get larger amounts of water farther into fire safer then with a ground crew and hand lines.  These monitor's are remote control and can be operated from inside the cab or on the panel.

2. Mini rescue pumper will be used during all of our disasters.  Making it easy to get into tight area's, respond long distance while pulling a trailer if needed, and can be used for medical or fire.  This truck has a 500 gal tank for water, can hold up to 300' of 1.5 hand lines for both discharges.  This truck also carries all our hand tools, medical supplies, and jaws of life and air bags.

Our new boats will be used for flooding, and hurricanes.  With these two boats it will allow us to replace two of our oldest boats that have become unusable after Texas.  

As well we need to buy a new trailer to replace an older one.  Our trailers carry supplies depending on what the disaster is from tents, food, medical and rescue supplies, extra radio's, and stretchers.  

2131 - 2018 Pierce pumper           $630,000

2173 - 2018 Mini rescue pumper  $199,000 

B1 & B5 - 2018 Boat one system   $43,000

T-2 - Rescue trailer 12'                 $5,300

400' of 6' supply line                     $6,000

2100' of 1.5 hand lines                   $8,350

600' 1 inch forestry line               $290.00

6 SCBA systems                             $24,500.00

misc. equipment                            $21,000

Total                                                $937,440

State of Corporation certificate 

East Coast Hurricane Rescue has posted a copy of our State of Corp. paper work for our visitors to see we are a legitimate organization.  

Not only are we about saving lives, we are about protecting our guests.  All donations made to ECHR are legit and are tax write offs.  Any questions we will share any other paper work if anyone is unsure.   Protecting our donors is priority for our organization.  

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